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Mercedes Benz Zetros Expedition Camper

This is the latest project completed by Unidan; a complete custom build on one of the few Zetros in the country. This customer wanted only the best, and that’s what they got with this Discovery. The customer wanted as much effective living space as possible, so they wanted the bathroom as the entrance to the body. While unconventional, the idea was effective at freeing up space which they’ve used for the dinette and secondary kitchen bench. The bathroom is still our standard layout with a bathroom vanity, flip-down sink, and Thetford Cassette toilet.



  • Fixed Platform Queen Size Bed
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen with 2 Induction Cooktops, Stainless-steel Sink and Secondary Bench.
  • Enclosed Bathroom with Shower and Cassette Toilet
  • Dinette Seating with Adjustable Table to Make Single Bed
  • Overhead Cupboards, Under Dinette Drawers and Bedside Storage
  • Diesel Hot Water System and Heater
  • Truma Saphir RC Comfort
  • 695L Total Water (290L Exterior Tank, 235L Rear Tank, 170L Under Dinette Tank)
  • 290L Grey Water Tank
  • Outbound Windows, Hatches, Entry Door and Blinds

Power System & Appliances

  • 400Ah Enerdrive Lithium Power System
  • CZONE 5″ Touch Panel with Power and Water Level Monitoring
  • 3000W Inverter & 120A AC Charger
  • 900W Solar Panels
  • 212L Nova Kool Refrigerator-Freezer
  • 24″ TV LED DVD Combo
  • Breville Microwave Oven


  • Custom Body Scrub Bars with Integrated Solar Panels
  • Unidan Front Winch Bar
  • Custom Tailgate Lift for Motorcycle and Spare Tyre
  • Unidan Slide Out Kitchen & Matching Storage Box
  • 4m Electric Awning



All Outbound products are hand-made, constructed from fibreglass framing. The toughened glass panels are double glazed creating a heat-resistant and high insulating window ready for extreme conditions and high altitudes. And for added UV protection, the customer wanted us to tint their windows.


The customer was planning to travel to colder climates, and wanted the premium Outbound motorhome products. So for added insulation and compatibility with the Outbound windows, hatches and door, the body was built with 59mm composite panels whereas we typically use 29mm panels.


For protection against the scrub, both the camper body and truck cab have been fitted with Unidan’s custom scrub bars. CAD designed and made in house, they provide premium protection and lighting from STEDI lightbars and spotlights.


 To bring the living outdoors, the customer wanted entertainment outside. We’ve designed up an entertainment box fitted with a TV, speakers and remote for the stereo unit to provide music, movies and more while on their trips. 

 Additional power points are added to charge their phones or other devices, all while under the cover of the electric awning. 

 For cooking outside, they’ve opted for Unidan’s signature slide out kitchen which comes with a matching storage box on the other side. So, if you rather keep the inside clean, or hosting a BBQ with guests do it all from the outside. With a flip up bench, drawers and a tap, you can completely work outside.

Power At Your Fingertips 

To power this Discovery, a total of 400Ah batteries along with two 50A DC2DC chargers to charge the battery from the truck, COI Combi which features a 3000W Inverter and 120A AC charger and 60A Morningstar Solar Controller. 

 With any electrical system, it’s important to put in what’s taken out. This customer went with Unidan’s custom body scrub bars that feature integrated mounting for the Enerdrive solar panels. Six of the panels mount flush with the bars for a total of 900W of solar panels. 

 To monitor and control the power system of the body, we’ve used the CZONE Touch 5, Universal Remote, and ePro Battery monitor from Enerdrive. Mounted all in one location, it makes it convenient to access and use. The Touch 5 is class leading system commonly used on luxury yachts. It functions as both a control panel and digital switch. Easy to use, it gives you full control over the camper and advanced options such as power modes such as short-term storage, camping or long-term storage.

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For equipment, recovery gear or accessories such as camping chairs, they can be stored in the external hatches. With a total of 1170L of storage, the two external hatches have ample space to bring all the essentials and a bit more. Each hatch is water sealed, keyed alike and feature aluminium billet handle and lock. Completely sealed from the inside, you can bring along whatever you wish without dirt or odour entering the living space. 

 There are drawers under the dinette to store their personal belongings such as books or electronics. At Unidan, we take pride in offering as much storage as possible. Inside the body you’ll find plenty of avenues for storage. 

 Above the bed and kitchen, there’s overhead cupboards totaling to 1015L of storage, whilst the kitchen’s 9 drawers offer 232L of storage. In addition to these main forms of storage, you’ll find small compartments or hidden storage boxes throughout the body.


Store clothes, equipment or accessories with the internal storage spaces. Lockable overhead cupboards, drawers and other storage compartments are found throughout the body.


The kitchen features 7 soft-close drawers to stow away your cutlery, kitchen equipment and crockery. While above, the 870L overhead cupboards can store your clothes, books and other accessories.


For outdoor equipment and acessories preferred to keep separate, there are three sealed storage hatches which you can access from the outside.


Whether it’s your camping chairs or boots, the outside storage boxes are large enough to fit most equipement and completely sealed and separated from the internal body.


With all storage space optimised, there is even space under the seats to store your belongings. As well as the elctrical compartment to ensure all electronics are safe and easy to reach.


Easy-to-reach bedside storage shelves on one side of the bed to house items with convenience.

HVAC & Plumbing

Mounted underneath the drawer fridge and bed is the Truma Saphir RC Comfort. It can offer 2.4kW of cooling, and 1.7kW of heating but the customer has opted for diesel heating instead. This comes as part of the all-in-one Webasto Diesel Hot Water and Heater kit. Offering a more respectable 4kW of heating which is fueled directly from the diesel fuel tanks, the Webasto system offers the luxury of heat to keep them cosy during the cooler nights. 

 With the luxury of space due to the sheer size of the Zetros, this customer wanted as much water as possible. After cleaning and chemically treating the factory fuel tank, an extra 290L of water is added to the expedition vehicle for a total of 695L of water.

  • 290L External Shower Tank
  • 235L Rear Shower Tank Tank
  • 170L Drinking Water Tank
  • 290L Grey Water Tank
  • Drinking Faucet & Filter
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With two benches, the kitchen opens up and gives you the flexibility to work in the kitchen. Fitted with the beautiful custom timber benchtops, it’s complimented by the clean design sink, fridges and Breville microwave oven. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances for storing and cooking food. Underneath the secondary bench, you’ll find a Nova Kool fridge which offers 155L of fridge space and 57L of freezer storage. For extra fridge space, a 40L Evakool Drawer Fridge is fitted underneath the bed. By having a lithium power system, the Discovery can use induction cooktops. These are efficient and easy to use, but also can be packed away when not in use to open up the space. Combined with the closed sink, the bench gives you plenty of benchspace.
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Integrated into the body, Rotopax fuel cans are securely mounted to safely carry gasoline, diesel, adblue or water. This customer can carry an extra 30L of resources with them which will prove very useful on expeditions.


For simple and minimal set up, the Discovery is fitted with a 4.5m electric awning. Access the controls from the entertainment box and with a press of a button, your awning pulls out by itself.


This customer wanted to bring their motorbike with them, so we’ve custom designed a hydraulic lift to fit. It drops to allow the bike to be rolled on, where it’s strapped down to the anchored tie downs on the base. The customer also wanted to bring another spare tyre, so we’ve added that into the tailgate lift, and designed up a matching tool box.



  • Fixed Platform Queen Bed
  • Dinette Seating (converts into single bed)
  • Adjustable Dinette Timber Table
  • Under Dinette Drawers
  • Custom Kitchen with Secondary Bench
  • Overhead Cupboards
  • Custom Crawl Through Into Cab


  • 59mm Composite Panels
  • Custom Powder Coated Trims
  • Custom Wrapped Body
  • Outbound Door, Windows & Hatches
  • Tinted Windows
  • Outdoor Entertainment Box
  • Unidan Signature Slide Out Kitchen & Matching Storage Box
  • 4m Electric Awning


  • Webasto Diesel Hot Water & Heater System
  • Truma Saphir RC Comfort Air Conditioner
  • Camframo Sirroco Fans
  • 290L External Shower Tank
  • 235L Rear Shower Tank Tank
  • 170L Drinking Water Tank
  • 290L Grey Water Tank
  • Drinking Faucet & Filter
  • Interior Plumbing to Prevent Freezing Water


  • Interior Narva Touch Dome Lights
  • Narva LED Strip In Each Hatch
  • Under Cupboard Touch LEDs
  • 4 x STEDI Type X Spotlights Mounted to Cab Scrub Bars
  • 50″ STEDI LED Light Bar Mounted to Cab Scrub Bars
  • 27.5″ STEDI LED Mounted to Front Winch Bar
  • Camper Body Courtesy Lights
  • Camper Body Tail-lights


  • Custom 400Ah Enerdrive Lithium Power System
  • CZONE 5″ Digital Switch Touch Panel with Power and Water Level Monitoring
  • CZONE COI Combi with 3000W Inverter & 120A AC Charger
  • Enerdrive ePro Battery Monitor
  • Enerdrive Universal Remote
  • 6 x 150W Enerdrive Poly Crystalline Solar Panels
  • 212L Nova Kool Refrigerator-Freezer
  • 40L Evakool Drawer Fridge
  • 24″ TV LED DVD Combo
  • Breville Microwave Oven


  • Custom Unidan Cab Scrub Bars
  • Unidan Electric Crane
  • Honda 2.2KVA Inverter Generator
  • Custom Tailgate Lift with Storage Box for Spare Tyre & Motorcycle
  • Front Winch Bar
  • Runva 20,000LBS Winch
  • Custom Crawl Through Into Camper Body
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