Go deeper, travel further and fuel your expeditions with the benchmark body.


Unidan expedition bodies are designed and built from years of experience in body-building and remote travel to create a truly capable body. Manufactured at the highest of standards, every choice in designing the body was made with a purpose. This provides a body that is functional and prepared for off-grid and remote travelling. Designed to withstand the harshest environments; they are fully sealed to keep bulldust out and can also winter-ready for the colder climates.


Using state-of-the-art CAD software, Unidan Engineering 3D models the expedition body and truck accessories to produce products that are both aesthetic and functional. From the panels to the kitchen drawers, every detail is modeled to ensure accuracy for a high quality finish.


To provide you the peace of mind while off-grid, Unidan’s Expedition range uses the latest proven lithium system from Enerdrive. With at least 200Ah of battery capacity and up to 1300W solar panel system, the Expedition range can provide sufficient power to run the body, and recharge it to remain off-grid for an extended time.

Custom Enerdrive Lithium Batteries

Unidan uses the latest range of lithium batteries from Enerdrive to provide you consistent and reliable power.

Electrical Box

Find most of your electrical system within the storage hatches of the body. Consolidated to make monitoring and maintenance simple, the electrical boxes are vented from the inside to keep the system cool, but completely sealed from the outside.

Enerdrive Solar Panels

Solar panel systems are important in recharging your batteries for extended travels. Equipped with mono & poly crystalline panels from Enerdrive, Unidan’s power system ensures you’re appropriately set-up for off-grid living.


Unidan takes pride in offering a storage focused design. With most expedition vehicles, storage is scarce due to size limitations. While retaining the off-road capabilities of the Unimog, the Odyssey makes use of any use-able storage to minimize wasted space. Store clothes, equipment or accessories with the internal storage spaces. Lockable overhead cupboards, drawers and other storage compartments are found throughout the body.

Over 2300L of Storage in Each Body


Unidan’s innovative wheel carrier slides in-and-out of the rear boot with lock-able draw slides. To assist with lifting and dropping the wheel, an electric winch is integrated to the carrier. Cleverly integrated into the design is an additional drawer to hold any recovery equipment. Clamps can also be fitted to the walls to allow mounting of shovels and jacks. To minimise wasted space and add more storage features to the Odyssey, up to 4 Rotopax cans can be mounted flush
into the body. Securely locked to prevent theft, they’ll safely carry extra resources such as diesel fuel for a generator or motorbike. Whether it’s water, fuel or ad-blue, the four extra 7.6L packs can be swapped out to suit your travel.



For cooking outside, use Unidan’s signature slide-out kitchen. Fitted with a gas burner and grill, in-built sink, and flip down stainless bench, the outdoor kitchen provides the versatility of a fully equipped kitchen outside.

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