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2019 U5023 DOKA

“Big Bird”

This was the perfect Demo Doka for any job, it features Unidan’s signature tray with aluminium treadplate decking. This was the ideal expedition truck for a family or work truck for up to 6 passengers. The possibilities for this vehicles were endless. This perfect Demo Doka has found its perfect match and has since undertaken a few new upgrades to suit the adventures.


  • Unidan High Style Bull Bar
  • Unidan Scrub Bars
  • Manual Crane
  • Single Fuel Tank
  • Battery Box
  • BBQ Box & Storage
  • 15,000LB Hydraulic Winches Front & Rear
  • Rear Winch Bar + Tow Bar
  • Rear Winch Bar + Tow Bar
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • 300L Water Tank
  • Hot Water System
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