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U1300 Cosmetic Restoration

This U1300 Unimog has undergone a full external Cosmetic Restoration.

Restoration Includes

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 Restoration Includes: 

  • Prepping, repair and repainted cabin 
  • Blasted and powder coated top and bottom step 
  • Wheels Painted 
  • Re-skinning camper and new corner caps 
  • Camper Wrap 
  • Custom Upholstery


Unidan Custom Scrub Bar

Unidan’s custom scrub bars create a complete finished look to your cab. They provide premium protection to the overhead of the cab.

Rapid Tyre Inflation System

Unidan’s Rapid Tyre Inflation System (RTIS) is a quick and convenient way to control your tyres’ pressure. While stopped, simultaneously inflate or deflate the tyres with a hose for each tyre. They can be stored away when not in use, but still easily accessible. With an integrated pressure gauge you can have full control to prepare for any terrain.

Electronic Awning