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Highly-Accessorised U1700 Crane Truck

‘SOLD – $95,000’

Most ex-ADF trucks that come up for sale are just that, ADF trucks, but this Mog already has the accessories and gadgets that most new owners spend months acquiring and even more money investing. You can buy this truck as is and get to work or play straight away, or you can have Unidan Engineering do further customisation work, whichever suits your needs. Ex-ADF builds are perfect for many types of work, whether its recreational, agricultural or in another industry, Unimog’s can be customised to suit your needs.

GVM – 12T

Engine Type – OM352A

UNIDAN Additional Features

  • Working group gear box (Low Range) 
  • Crawler group gear box (Super Low Range) 
  • 1T tail lift with added fold out platform Ex-ADF Crane 
  • RTIS (Rapid Tyre Inflation System) 
  • Front winch bar with 20,000Lb Runva Winch 
  • Rear Winch bar with 20,000Lb Runva Winch 
  • AGM start batteries 
  • Battery box 
  • VDO Speedo

  • Cabin Insulation 
  • Airconditioning 
  • New Air Ride seats on HD seat bases 
  • Reverse camera with 4 cameras 
  • LED bar light 
  • 6 x Michelin 395/85R20 Tyres 
  • Hutchinson Beadlock Rims 
  • Cab lift 
  • Unidan Horsepower Upgrades (Intercooler, Injector Pump Modifications) 
  • Shortened canopy hoops, with extenders to raise back to original height when needed.

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