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There is no other word to describe this mog other than “monstrous”. It towers over every other truck in the yard and could trample over anything in its path. What more could you want?! A trailer, maybe? Well, we’ve got that for you as well. At a great combined price of $100,000, this is a deal that can’t be missed.

With a hydraulic crane on the back and great 4×4 capabilities, this truck could be used for absolutely any purpose and you could go ANYWHERE! Whether you want them as is or converted into a Unidan camper, toy hauler or add your own features, this is a great option for everyone.

GVM – 12T

Year – 1989

Engine Type – 352A

Odometer – 104709 (indicative)

UNIDAN Truck Add-Ons:

  • Standard Front Winch Bar
  • Cabin Lift
  • Custom Long Travel Shocks
  • 24V 100AMP Alternator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Flared Guards
  • Various Trailer Plugs
  • Mud Flaps

Customer Truck Add-Ons:

  • Custom Exhaust
  • 1600R20 Michelin Tyres
  • Hutchinson Aluminium Bead Lock Rims
  • Dual Battery System
  • Redard BCDC 12-40
  • Under Tray LED Lights x 6
  • Vinyl Canopy
  • Kings LED Spotlights
  • Paint and Panel
  • 12,000lb Winch (not sufficient)
  • Cabin Insulation
  • Re-trimmed seats


  • Haulmark Dual Axle Trailer
  • Extended and Engineering Drawbar
  • Naw Fassi Micro 30 Hydraulic Crane
  • Custom Canvas Covers
  • New Tyres
  • Custom Canopy Hoops
  • 500L Aluminium Petrol Tank
  • Twin Jetski Cradle
  • 24V Battery System

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