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Unimog Trailer


Price: $8,500

This trailer has been engineered to follow the Unimog anywhere you have the brass ones to take it. Any trailer will follow a Unimog, however not too many will survive the conditions that a Unimog

will endure.


The draw bar is fully adjustable to allow for different height tow points

12T Pintal ring to match that on the U1700 Unimog

12.5R20 Tyres

10 Stud rims to match the U1700

Spare tyre and mount

Heavy duty jockey wheel (self storing)

Air brakes with own tanks for park brake release

Separate mechanical parks brake

Small manual hydraulic crane

Drop down sides all round

Hoops for canopy

Tie down tracks through out base of tray

Under tray tool boxes

Under tray jerry can holder

Stabilizer legs to hold trailer still while not attached to truck

The entire tray is easily removable to allow for another top to be fitted, Camper trailer perhaps

The trailer would have cost the ADF a fortune to have built

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