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The Ultimate Body

A BENCHMARK IN EXPEDITION BODIESthe Odyssey X is the ultimate body that has been perfected from years of production, and experience in remote travel. Designed to withstand the harshest environments; from dry deserts to freezing mountain ranges, it will exceed all expectations.

CAD DESIGNED using the latest state-of-the-art software, the Odyssey’s build quality is second to none. Designed to withstand the harshest environments; they are fully sealed to keep bulldust out. Using water-resistant materials ensures the longevity of the product, minimising water damage from leaks or humidity, and also makes cleaning simpler.

A STEP ABOVE THE COMPETITIONthe Odyssey X uses 59mm external panels rather than the typical 29mm. This provides high thermal insulation and strength, not only to the inside but also to the plumbing. To prevent water from freezing in cold climates, the Odyssey X features internal plumbing where possible.

FIND COMFORTwith a fully equipped kitchen; featuring induction cooktops, cupboard and drawer storage, dinette seating that can transform into a single bed and a generous queen size bed.

USING THE LATEST LITHIUM TECHNOLOGY from Enerdrive to provide a lithium and solar set up, the Odyssey X ensures peace of mind during any remote travel. With all the capabilities of a motorhome or caravan, the Odyssey X can take you anywhere and remain off-grid for an extended period of time.

DESIGNED FOR THE UNIMOGthe Odyssey X is backed by Unidan’s experience, skills and passion for Unimogs. The Odyssey X perfectly pairs with the U4023/U5023 models and U1700 ex-ADF Unimogs. With the appointment of Mercedes-Benz Unimog Centre, Unidan can arrange a body and vehicle purchase.

Feature Packed

  • Fixed Platform Queen Size Bed
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen with 2 Induction Cooktops, Stainless-steel Sink and Flip-Up Side Bench.
  • Enclosed Bathroom with Shower and Cassette Toilet
  • Dinette Seating with Adjustable Table to Make Single Bed
  • Overhead Cupboards, Front Drawer and Bedside Storage
  • 400Ah Enerdrive Lithium Power System
  • CZONE 5″ Touch Panel with Power and Water Level Monitoring
  • 3000W Inverter & 120A AC Charger
  • 230L Compressor Refrigerator-Freezer
  • Diesel Hot Water System and Heater
  • 20L Camec Microwave
  • 24″ LED TV DVD Combo
  • 4m Electric Awning
  • Body Scrub Bars with Integrated Solar Panels
  • 400L Total Water
  • Outbound Windows, Hatches, Entry Door and Blinds

Capable & Comfortable

Fitted with the latest technolody from industry leading manufacturers, the Odyssey X provides the comfort needed for extended


Equipped with a cassette or composting toilet, the bathroom is comfortable yet functional. Both with their advantages, the toilets offer the ultimate sanitary solution.


To provide the luxury of heat, an all-in-one diesel system is used. Use hot water on demand for showers and washing up, while the heater keeps the inside living space cozy.


Safe, quick and efficient, the diesel or induction cooktops provide the ability to cook or heat any meal.


The upright top freezer-refrigerator provides 60L of freezer space and 170L of fridge storage. With updated AirLock system and flush mounted, the fridge seamlessly blends into the body.

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Latest Lithium Power

To provide you the peace of mind while off-grid, the Odyssey X uses the latest proven lithium system from Enerdive. With a custom 400Ah battery system and 900W solar system, the Odysset X can provide sufficient power to run the body, and recharge it to remain off-grid for a prolonged duration. 

 Enerdrive’s Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) is the safest of the mainstream li-ion battery typres. The systems BMS and battery’s Active Cell Balancing can monitor and optmise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from over change, over discharge, over temperature and short circuit.

 The CZONE Touch 5 adds an easy to use touch interface to monitor power levels and water tank levels. Different power modes such as ‘Camping’, ‘Long-Term Storage’ or ‘Travelling’ can be configured to offer quick and easy changes to the power system. With a super bright wide-screen display and the latest capacitive touch screen technology, the Touch 5 brings everything together in an easy to use and read digital hub.

More Storage

Unidan takes pride in offering a storage focused design. With most expedition vehicles, storage is scarce due to size limitations. While retaining the off-road capabilities of the Unimog, the Odyssey X makes use of any use-able storage to minimize wasted space.

Store clothes, equipment or accessories with the internal storage spaces. Lockable overhead cupboards, drawers and other storage compartments are found throughout the body.

The kitchen features soft-close drawers to stow away your cutlery, kitchen equipment and crockery. While above, the 870L overhead cupboards can store your clothes, books and other accessories.

For outdoor equipment and acessories preferred to keep separate, there are three sealed storage hatches which you can access from the outside.

Whether it’s your camping chairs or boots, the outside storage boxes are large enough to fit most equipment and completely sealed and separated from the internal body.

Ready & Prepared

By having a fixed platform bed, storage underneath becomes available which allows for a spare wheel. Unidan’s innovative wheel carrier slides in-and-out of the rear boot with lock-able drawer slides. To assist with lifting and dropping the wheel, an electric winch is integrated into the carrier. Cleverly integrated into the design is an additional drawer to hold any recovery equipments. Clamps can also be fitted to the walls to allow mounting of shovels and jacks.

To minimise wasted space and add more storage feaures to the Odyssey X, up to 4 Rotopax cans can be mounted flush into the body. Securely locked to prevent theft, they’ll safely carry extra resources such as diesel fuel for a generator or motorbike. Whether it’s water, fuel or ad-blue, the four extra 7.6L packs can be swapped out to suit your travel.

Entertain Outdoor

Unidan takes pride in offering a storage focused design. With most expedition vehicles, storage is scarce due to size limitations. While retaining the off-road capabilities of the Unimog, the Odyssey X makes use of any use-able storage to minimize wasted space.


With the Fusion stereo system. Separated from the interior, the entertainment box houses the Fusion stereo, speakers, switch for the electric awning, and USB/power-points.


For cooking outside, use Unidan’s signature slide-out kitchen. Fitted with a gas burner and grill, in-built sink, and flip down stainless bench, the outdoor kitchen provides the versatility of a fully equipped kitchen outside.

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Comparison Table

Odyssey Odyssey X
29mm Panels ✔ ✖
59mm Panels ✖ ✔
Dometic Windows ✔ ✖
Coast Hatches ✔ ✖
Unidan Custom Hatches ✖
Motorhome Entry Door ✔ ✖
Outbound Entry Door, Windows & Hatches ✖ ✔
Bomar Roof Hatch 1 ✖
Outbound Roof Hatches ✖ ✔
Bed Queen Queen
Kitchen Stainless Benches. 6 x Drawers Stainless Benches. 7 x Drawers
Custom Kitchen Benchtop (Granite or Timber)
Cassette Toilet ✔ ✔
Composting Toilet
Standard Bathroom ✔ ✔
Custom Stainless Bathroom
Overhead Cupboards ✔ ✔
Front Seat Drawer & Electrical Compartment ✔ ✔
Dinette Seating ✔ ✔
Bedside Storage Shelves on Both Sides Shelves on One Side
Power System
Enerdrive 200Ah B-TEC System ✔ ✖
Enerdrive 300Ah Lithium System
Enerdrive 400Ah Lithium System ✔
Enerdrive 2000W Inverter & 60A AC Charger ✔ ✖
Enerdrive 3000W Inverter & 120A AC Charger ✔
Enerdrive 3 x 150W Solar Panels ✔ ✖
Enerdrive 6 x 150W Solar Panels ✔
Simarine Touch Monitor & Switch Panel ✔ ✖
CZONE Touch Control Panel ✔
DC2DC Charger 1 2
USB/Cigarette Sockets 1 3
Double Socket Power Points 1 0
Pop-up Power Points 1 3
HVAC & Plumbing
Standard 200L Tank ✔ ✔
200L Water Tank to Suit Rear Wheel Carrier
200L Split Water Tank to Suit Rear Wheel Carrier ✔
215L Water Tank to Suit Drawer Fridge
75L Grey Water Tank – Raw Tank ✔
Diesel Hot Water System ✔ ✔
Diesel Heater System ✔
Drinking Tap & Filter ✔ ✔
Dometic Harrier Air-Conditioner
Under Bed Drawer Fridge & AC Unit
Diesel Cooktop ✔
Induction Cooktops ✔
230L Vitrifrigo Fridge-Freezer ✔ ✔
20L Microwave ✔ ✔
Caframo Sirroco Fans (2x) ✔
Fusion Stereo System & Speakers ✔
Outdoor Entertainment System ✔
24″ LED TV DVD Combo ✔
Unidan Rear Wheel Carrier ✔ ✔
Rotopax Mounts and Packs ✔
Body Scrub Bars with Solar Panel Mounts ✔
Crawl Through
Sail Track Awning ✔ ✖
Electric Awning ✔
Outdoor BBQ Box with Gas Burner ✔
Outdoor BBQ Box with Electric Grill