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Unidan Engineering offer a range of services for your Unimog. We can provide vehicle servicing and maintenance, restorations and general design and fabrication.

Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance

Unidan Engineering can offer vehicle servicing and maintenance to maintain your Unimog’s excellent running condition and prevent issues. Using only recommended parts and consumable, we can do simple oil changes or part replacements to give you peace of mind.

Oil Changes

Oils need to be changed regularly to maintain mechanical function. Using only the recommended oils and seals, Unidan Engineering can carry out oil changes for your Unimog’s engine, transmission and more.

Part Replacement

If you require a part replaced, Unidan can offer the service of sourcing the component as well as fitting it to your vehicle. Backed by years of experience, Unidan Engineering can also diagnose problems and suggest parts to replace.

Complete Mechanic Overhaul

If you’ve just bought a Unimog from the auctions or your current one needs a complete mechanical overhaul, Unidan Engineering can organise parts and fitting to restore your vehicle to running or peak condition.


Restoration services are available from Unidan. We can offer cosmetic and mechanical restorations. Whether you want to restore an ex-ADF Unimog to showroom condition or cosmetically upgrade your Unimog, there is no job too small or big for us. Our professional team can organise repairs and restorations to suit your requirements.

Paint and Panel

We can repair damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork, and restore them to the condition you desire. Whether it’s showroom condition or functional condition, Unidan can get it done.


From removing rust to straightening a chassis, Unidan’s highly skilled team are prepared for any repair job. There is nothing too big or too small to restore your Unimog to any condition.


Unidan Engineering have completed countless restorations for a range of Unimogs from ex-ADF to 404s. With this much experience and customer satisfaction each time, we can ensure you a quality finish to meet your expectations.

Design and Fabrication

If you require a unique solution for your Unimog, Unidan Engineering can design and fabricate parts to suit your requirements.

CAD Design

Using the state of the art CAD program, Unidan Engineering can offer design services to create a tailored parts and truck accessories for your Unimog. Whether the project is a custom trailer or off-road accessories, Unidan Engineering can design and draw what you need.


Alongside our design service, our in-house fabricators can create custom metal structures to suit your needs. Let us know the task at hand and we can provide recommendations for it to function and travel safely. Typical projects include structural frames for heavy equipment such as trailers, frames or crane bases.

Dual Cab Conversions

Commonly called DOKA conversions, dual cab Unimogs are popular that allow the addition of rear seats for more passengers. Unidan have completed a number of DOKA conversions whilst restoring the cab to showroom condition. Whether you currently own a single cab, or looking for a DOKA, Unidan can help you along the whole process.

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With over 10 years of experience with Unimogs, Unidan Engineering can provide services with confidence to give you peace of mind. We take pride in our work and passion for Unimogs to become a Unimog Specialist.

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