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Extra Cab U1750 Unimog

Custom Extra Cab

Brand new refurb and custom extra cab fresh off the line, December 2016. A true testament to the creativity of the UNIDAN team, this extra cab started it’s life as a single cab Mog. UNIDAN did a complete restoration on it and today it comes with all the bells and whistles.

Here at Unidan Engineering we have developed an innovative system that enables us to convert a single cab into a 5, 6 or 7 seat DOKA or extra cab, while simultaneously increasing the physical strength of the cab. The roof has been raised to allow for greater headroom, overhead consoles and more storage, and integrating the air conditioning system into this space eliminates the need for a roof top unit. This extra cab is now a very comfortable family tourer. The cab has been modified ready for the addition of an expedition/motorhome body, with a legal crawl-through built into the rear wall (mandatory to register a motorhome in most states). The crawl-through opening is sealed and can remain that way if you want the vehicle as a truck.

In the weeks prior to the Christmas holidays, the guys here at Unidan had a massive project to undertake. Just six weeks before we were heading to Fraser Island in this truck, it was still sitting in the workshop as a separate cab and chassis with a lot still to do to it. It was all hands on deck to get this truck finished just in time for our trip away. And what a trip it was! With our extra cab design, it allowed us to put even more of the kids “necessities” in the back while still being comfortable in the cab. If you are after the family comfort of a dual cab with the extra tray length that a standard single cab possesses, the UNIDAN designed and fabricated extra-cab is definitely the best Unimog option for you.

Full list of Modifications:


+ stripped cab and tray off chassis

+ sandblasted cab

+ modified single cab with 3D cad and CNC folded panels

+ removed and raised factory roof

+ cut and replated any rust

+ widened driver’s side foot well

+ UNIDAN custom overhead console for gauges, switches, etc.

+ UNIDAN custom stereo mount

+ polaris stereo with off road mapping, Bluetooth, etc.

+ UNIDAN custom overhead storage compartments

+ storage under UNIDAN custom rear seats

+ UNIDAN custom heavy duty mounts for roof rack/scrub bars

+ UNIDAN custom powder coated scrub bars and heavy duty roof rack

+ UNIDAN custom integrated crane mount in rack for lifting spare wheel and loading truck

+ 50″ LED light bar integrated into rack

+ painted metallic silver inside and out

+ scratch resistant heavy duty marine paint used

+ UNIDAN custom ducted AC unit

+ cab fully insulated (two layers)

+ cab fully lined in marine carpet

+ UNIDAN custom gauge plate for overhead console

+ internal and external small panels and bolt on items blasted and powder coated

+ UNIDAN custom fibreglass grill

+ UNIDAN custom trimmed air ride ISRI front seats

+ UNIDAN custom rear bench seat in matching trim

+ internal LED courtesy lights

+ 8 x USB phone/device charging points

+ 24V to 12V reducer

+ EGT gauge

+ boost gauge

+ dual fuel tank gauges

+ dual battery monitor

+ LED side lights

+ rock lights

+ raised cab to fit larger tyres

+ rear wall of cab modified to allow for crawl through for a camper

+ all new window and door rubbers

+ UNIDAN custom alloy floor plate for driver

+ built in 9000W inverter

+ built in 40AMP 24V charge

+ comes with Unimog jack

+ comes with wheel brace

+ engineered and registered for 6 people

+ balance of QLD rego



+ water blasted and degreased chassis, engine, gearbox, diffs multiple times

+ engine removed, prepped and painted original OEM green

+ painted entire chassis in industrial black enamel paint

+ removed rocker cover

+ reset all valve clearances

+ installed rocker cover with new gasket

+ recalibrated injector pump

+ UNIDAN custom intercooler added

+ engine is now producing approx 210hp, up from 168hp, with no change to fuel consumption

+ drained all fluids

+ tested fluids for debris/metallic particles (all were in order)

+ gearbox completely rebuilt

+ refilled all fluids

+ greased all points

+ claas overdrive fitted

+ UNIDAN custom high flow 3.5″ stainless steel exhaust

+ UNIDAN custom low mount bull bar

+ LED driving lights on bull bar

+ front winch

+ UNIDAN custom brackets for LED headlights mounted into bull bar

+ new mud flaps front and rear

+ dual battery system with full river AGM batteries

+ dual OEM fuel tanks

+ UNIDAN custom rapid tyre inflation system

+ rear Hayman Reece style tow bar (3500kg rated)

+ pintal hook (14,000kg rated)

+ Michelin 395/85R20 tyres on Hutchinson rims


+ removed and sandblasted tray

+ repainted in matching scratch resistant paint

+ new WISA thread timber truck decking

+ stainless steel bolts to fasten

+ rear mudguards blasted and powder coated

+ LED flood lights in tray

+ UNIDAN custom stairs to enter tray

+ Anderson plug in tray for fridges, etc.

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