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U1300L Fixed Body Expedition Vehicle

In late 2013, UNIDAN Engineering was approached by a customer who wanted to build the ultimate off-road expedition vehicle.

There were plenty of U1700/38 ADF Unimogs on the market at the time, but our client wanted something smaller and more nimble to get to those harder to reach places. The whole point of a owning a Unimog expedition vehicle is to get as far off the beaten path as possible, after all! The solution was this U1300L, with its shorter 3.25m wheel base, narrower track and lower overall height.

+ Complete chassis-off strip down
+ Blasted and repainted chassis, diffs, gear box
+ Rebuilt diffs, portals, gearbox
+ Replaced original 352 engine with 366A turbo charged engine, upgraded to 190hp
+ Installed working group gear box (extra low range)
+ Claas overdrive (hi speed gear box) installed
+ Installed Hutchinson aluminium bead locked rims
+ 365/80R20 Michelin XZL tires x 6
+ Custom dual long range fuel tanks
+ Matching water tanks
+ High mount custom bull bar
+ Front winch
+ Rear winch bar with integrated tow bar
+ Repositioned entire air system to allow for extra fuel tanks
+ Installed front portal breathers from VONS MOGS
+ Re-plumbed deep water fording system to be selected manually
+ UNIDAN King racing shocks
+ Taller custom springs
+ Custom intercooler
+ High flow stainless steel exhaust

+ Blast cabin
+ Remove and raise roof
+ Panel and paint
+ Overhead consoles and storage added
+ Ducted AC system
+ Air ride driver’s seat
+ Full insulation in cabin
+ Scrub bars/roof rack
+ Dual battery gauges
+ 2 x UHF radios
+ Barrett HF radio
+ Enough switches and gauges to run a battle ship
+ 50 inch light bar integrated into scrub bars
+ 32 inch light bar on bull bar
+ Great White LED spot lights on bull bar
+ 90mm round LED head lights
+ Polaris sterio with off-road mapping, Bluetooth, etc.
+ LED map lights

+ UNIDAN torsion-free subframe
+ Aluminium base frame on camper
+ Fibreglass composite body (strong, lightweight)
+ Marine grade roof hatches
+ Double glassed windows
+ Body designed to minimize thermal conductivity
+ Spare wheel storage under main bed on slide out system
+ 120L stainless steel drinking water tank
+ 400L of washing water
+ 600 watts of solar
+ 3000W inverter
+ 40A battery charger
+ 2 x 210AH AGM batteries
+ Diesel hot water
+ Diesel cooktop
+ Indoor kitchen with stainless steel bench top
+ Outdoor kitchen
+ Good sized shower room with vanity
+ Cassette toilet
+ Camper interior is 100% water proof materials – remove the soft furnighings, cover the electronic components and wash it out with a fire hose
+ Satellite TV
+ Indoor Fusion stereo with external remote
+ 90L Engel fridge
+ 90L Engel freezer
+ Heaps of storage, both indoors and out
+ Roll out awning
+ Slide out generator mount
+ Scrub bars protecting entire top of camper body
+ Max Trax Rax on rear wall
+ Sleeping space for three
+ Registered to carry three occupants

UNIDAN specializes in custom builds to suit your needs – if you can dream it, we can built it. We also have expedition body designs to suit a U1700/38 or U1700 DOKA.

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