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U5000 Custom Slide-On Body & Accessories

When we first met this truck and it’s owner at our 2019 Unimog Owner’s Weekend, it definitely stood out from the crowd with it’s highlighter yellow colour. Now, it stands out even more with added accessories and custom slide-on expedition body.

 This customer needed more comfort for off-road living and decided it was time to say “Goodbye” to his trusty tray and canopy, and say “Hello!” to a custom Unidan premium slide-on tray and slide-on camper. We completed the structural build of this camper (including everything you see in the photos) so that the customer can now fit out the interior to suit his personal taste. Our contribution to the build included a full-sized Queen bed structure, end-of-bed storage, rear wheel carrier and boot, hatches, windows and doors, water tanks and fill up points as well as an outdoor shower. 

 We can deliver solutions to suit your needs, whether that be a turnkey solution to get you on the road straight away, a foundation build to give you a head start on your project or a complete DIY Kit. Anything is possible!



Unidan’s custom scrub bars create a complete finished look to your cab. They provide premium protection to the overhead lights as well as your cab.


It is now easier than ever to store and remove your spare wheel in this rear boot section! Simply pull out the overhead tray and the automatic crane will lower your wheel to the ground. No more strenuous activities! As easy as 1,2,3.


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