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A one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz U2450 6x6.

Here at UNIDAN we build some fun projects... it just so happens this little side project wasn't so little and was actually the biggest Unimog we have ever built.

This Mercedes-Benz 6x6 Unimog (1 of only 200 ever produced) has everything you could dream of. More wheels, more horsepower, more payload! Then kitted from top to bottom in nothing but the highest quality accessories and utilities all designed and fabricated by our team!


 This U2450 Unimog started out as a Medium Recovery Vehicle (MRV) in the Australian military. The factory fitted spec list has all the boxes ticked on these Unimogs with pretty much every Mog addition you could think of. 

 Once we got our hands on it, we completed a bare metal restoration and dual cab 09wconversion on the cab, chassis restoration, added every accessory that we could throw at it and a few horsepower upgrades for good measure. We made sure to keep some original heritage by recommissioning the original crane system that came on the MRV but modernised it with new controls and a Bluetooth remote. 



  • U2450 6x6 Unimog 
  • 6 Wheel Diff-Locks
  • High Speed Crown Wheel and Pinion
  • Claas Overdrive 
  • Working Group
  • Central Tyre Inflation
  • PTO


  • Scrub Bars and Roof Rack with Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Manual Spare Wheel Crane 
  • Front ISRI Air Ride Seats
    • Leather-look trimming with Double Diamond stitching 
  • Rear bench seat with under seat storage 
    • Leather-look trimming with Double Diamond stitching
  • Double Diamond Door Card trimming
  • Door Pockets with Cup Holders
  • Additional Unidan Low Mount Air Conditioning
  • High-end speakers and sub-woofer


  • Bare metal cab restoration 
  • Unidan Signature Dual Cab Conversion
  • Unidan Dual Cab Raised Roof Kit 
    • Overhead Gauges
    • Overhead Polaris 10.1" Entertainment System
      • HEMA Mapping 
      • Apple Car Play/Android Auto
      • AM/FM Radio
    • Overhead Storage
    • Overhead Air Conditioning Vents
    • Overhead Speaker Mounts
  • Chassis restoration
  • Unidan GEN 2 Fibreglass Grill


  • Low Style Bull Bar
    • Front Runva 20,000lb Electric Winch 
    • 90mm LED Headlight Upgrade
    • 2 x Blacktip Worklights
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks (2 x 260L)
  • Custom matching hydraulic tank
  • Custom matching petrol tank with electric pumped bowser
  • Triple Step Battery Boxes 
  • Unidan Rear Winch Mount 
    • Rear Runva 20,000lb Electric Winch
    • Extended Rear Chassis for easy access for winching and towing
  • 8 x Hutchinson Rims with Michelin 395/85R20 XML Tyres 
  • CTIS Hub Covers


  • Custom Unidan 4100mm Tray 
    • Torsion-Free Subframe
    • Crane Mount
    • Container Locks
    • Recessed Tie Down Points
    • Rope Rails 
    • Galvanised
    • Gooseneck/5th Wheel Hitch
  • Aluminium Tray Sides
  • Recommissioned original MRV Hydraulic Crane with Modernised Controls and Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Under Tray Storage Boxes at rear and centre of tray 
  • Spare Wheel Carrier on headboard


  • 3.5" High Flow Exhaust
  • Performance Turbo Re-Core Upgrade 
  • Injector Pump Modification